15 Feb 2017

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The Butterfly is a Nick Benson thriller

FBI Special Agent Nick Benson is caught up in the pursuit of notorious thief the Butterfly - so named because of the way he flits from place to place. 

Always a few steps ahead of law enforcement, the elusive butterfly has never been seen, and therefore, there are no descriptions of him for the FBI to process.

When the trail leads Nick to London and the Butterfly is on a job in London for a high-profile client their paths collide.

Only, when Nick finally comes face to face with the Butterfly it has devastating consequences for all involved in the investigation - but most importantly, for Nick.

29 Jan 2017

NEW Carved in Stone -The Dr Everett Crime Thriller

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  • #36145 in Mystery & Suspense
  • Synopsis

    Dr Everett Stone is back.

    A distraught client brings Everett's imaginary world
    colliding with reality when a blast from the
    past threatens to destroy his future.


    Stone Cold
    Heart of Stone

    8 Jan 2017

    18 Oct 2016

    NEW Hail Mary - Nick Benson Case Book - OUT NOW

    HAIL MARY  at Amazon Kindle

    NICK BENSON has been activated.

    In a game of cat and mouse, Nick learns how painful it feels to always be two steps behind.

    When Nick is hired to assess the Security threat level at a tech billionaire's new firm, he uncovers a secret.

    Dellory isn't being honest with Nick when asked if he has been in contact with Nick's ex-Wife; and it almost costs them their friendship.

    Loyalties are tested when the firm is on the brink of collapse, and all signs point to Nick's involvement.

    Can he survive unharmed, or will he accept defeat; even if it costs him his life?

    An edge of your seat thriller from the Author of 'Agent Down'

    12 Sep 2016

    NEW - The FBI Special Agent Nick Benson Thriller - Deadly Pursuit

    FBI Special Agent Benson goes toe-to-toe with the notorious Kingpin Sal Marantino in this action packed thriller. 

    Benson has a bounty on his head. Marantino wants to collect as soon as his final shipment reaches New York. Benson has to race against time to apprehend Marantino, but at what cost? 

    His life hangs in the balance as enemies converge to tie his toe tag once and for all. With the Law on his side, Benson calls in long owed favours and shakes up Marantino’s plans. 

    Has Benson taken on more than he can handle? 

    Scenes of violence from the outset makes this unsuitable for aged below 18

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