8 Jan 2017

18 Oct 2016

NEW Hail Mary - Nick Benson Case Book - OUT NOW

HAIL MARY  at Amazon Kindle

NICK BENSON has been activated.

In a game of cat and mouse, Nick learns how painful it feels to always be two steps behind.

When Nick is hired to assess the Security threat level at a tech billionaire's new firm, he uncovers a secret.

Dellory isn't being honest with Nick when asked if he has been in contact with Nick's ex-Wife; and it almost costs them their friendship.

Loyalties are tested when the firm is on the brink of collapse, and all signs point to Nick's involvement.

Can he survive unharmed, or will he accept defeat; even if it costs him his life?

An edge of your seat thriller from the Author of 'Agent Down'

12 Sep 2016

NEW - The FBI Special Agent Nick Benson Thriller - Deadly Pursuit

FBI Special Agent Benson goes toe-to-toe with the notorious Kingpin Sal Marantino in this action packed thriller. 

Benson has a bounty on his head. Marantino wants to collect as soon as his final shipment reaches New York. Benson has to race against time to apprehend Marantino, but at what cost? 

His life hangs in the balance as enemies converge to tie his toe tag once and for all. With the Law on his side, Benson calls in long owed favours and shakes up Marantino’s plans. 

Has Benson taken on more than he can handle? 

Scenes of violence from the outset makes this unsuitable for aged below 18

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9 Sep 2016

NEW - Heart of Stone - Dr Everett Stone Returns


When Dr Everett Stone falls for one of his marks it spells disaster.

The brief was simple. 
The package had arrived with explicit, time-sensitive instructions.
Everett Stone had missed the deadline. 


The threats and warnings had come. Just as he'd anticipated.
He had three weeks to take out the mark or he’d be the one being fitted for a toe tag.

This particular mark wasn’t what he had expected, at all. 

From the moment he set eyes on her he’d learnt the curve of her smile, the way she moved, swiftly, with purpose, and the way she looked at him made him sigh with desire.
There had been several beautiful women he’d felled and had immensely enjoyed doing so in cold blood.
With her, it was different.
He was different.
He’d lost his edge. Gone soft. Dropped the ball.
He didn’t know how to fix it. 
Until the perfect solution landed in his lap.

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17 Aug 2016

NEW GOOD GIRLS - Download a Sample Now


Meet Marlene Franklin. All of twenty-nine and still a virgin. 

It’s not even as though she’s saving herself for marriage. 

Until, that is, Patrick Michaels breezes into her life and sweeps her off her feet. 

He’s everything she wants in a man, but he sleeps around and she decides to look elsewhere for love. 

But, when her choices in men collides with her career, Marlene decides she’ll find a husband by the time her thirtieth birthday rolls around - in just six months’ time.

Chrissy Franklin, older sister of Marlene, is about to get married before her baby arrives. 

But, when her Fiance Paul is arrested on the eve of the wedding and Chrissy is left traumatised at the altar waiting for him with no explanation, the turn of events will surprise you, delight you, and bring tears to your eyes - with laughter.

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