29 Dec 2013

Dating,Romance, and Love Over 40

'Love Over 40' is the essential guide for anyone aged 40 or over who wants to find lasting love, whether you have just ended a relationship or marriage, or have not dated for some time.

This valuable self help book is written by relationship expert Ruby Binns-Cagney, who has Coached thousands of clients to help them find real lasting love. A great reference guide for modern dating.

From searching for love, to your first date, and knowing what to expect, this guide will take you from single to dating expert-fast.Whether you are new to online dating or have been around the block, you are sure to find new ideas for dating, and using the tips enclosed will have you on your new adventure in no time at all. 

A must-read if you are serious about finding love, and want to avoid wasting time with people who do not want the same things out of life as you do. 

20 Nov 2013

Amazon Launches Kindle Fire HD in Australia

Fantastic News !

As an Author who publishes on Amazon Kindle, my audience just got much bigger.

Amazon has finally launched Kindle Fire HD and Kindle App Store in Australia, and the news could not have come at a
better time. Right before the Holidays.

For the first time, you can now pay in Australian Dollars, and have your goods shipped to Australia.

This is fantastic news for my book readers.

With this in mind, we have reduced the prices on some of our top-selling books in the Kindle Store.

Choose from 700,000 titles priced under four bucks, and 1.4 million books under $10. 

4 Nov 2013

Macaulay - The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy - The Collection - Out Now


From New York City to Las Vegas in pursuit of a Serial Killer.

The chase is on.

Serial Killer Bo Harknett has resurfaced after an absence of eighteen years.

NYPD Detective Finkel Macaulay has the determination to capture him and put him away for the rest of his life.

With the help of Special Agent Nick Benson, Macaulay sets about tracking Harknett down, counting corpses in the path to his lair, only to face barriers to his arrest.

The first homicide sets the hunt for a Serial Killer into overdrive, with Macaulay leading the pack.
Three more corpses are discovered and Harknett's thirst for murder increases, putting Macaulay on a disastrous trajectory with him.

When the last pieces of the puzzle slot into place the revelations about Harknett lead to a devastating conclusion for Macaulay.

[Contains "One For The Money", "Lay Lady Lay", and "Albatross" all in one volume]

23 Oct 2013

NEW - Stone Cold - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case - Amazon.com


One man's need to kill is another man's cross to bear. 

Consultant Psychiatrist Everett Stone sits in his office in downtown 
New York City with his life in his hands. 

A killer's confession rocks his mind. 

One ill-timed decision and it's all over for him. 

Three homicides take place in three affluent areas of New York City. 

Everett has the key to solving all the cases, but wrestles over his 
decision whether to come forward. 

One client strikes a raw nerve, setting into motion the gradual unfolding 
ensemble in pursuit of the suspect. 

One final chance. 

One mistake Everett can't avoid making. 

What Readers Are Saying About Stone Cold - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case'

This book is about death and killing, and feeling conflicted. 
'The visceral quality of it. 
The pull of death on life's forces at the moment of impact. 
When the bullet tears through flesh and shattered bone and tissue, before quickly being replaced by oceans of red blood.' 
I especially liked the easy writing style and simplistic relaying of the story, which had me hooked from the first homicide, and I will look at the rest of the series now.
Robin Wright-Turley, London

I liked the contract killer's sense of humour. The real homicides surprised me, you don't get that reality much in books. I liked the scenes in the Caribbean, they were believable, and I could imagine it, having been to that part of the Island.
Dennis Brathwaite,Birmingham,UK

This series of books gets better and better. I thought I had stumbled on yet another  run of the mill Detective series but was pleasantly surprised. The writing is top notch, and American English is a difficult style of writing to pull off without coming across as cheesy.
Darran Carmichael, Powys,UK

At last, a book I can read without being bored with the same old stories about murders and police work. I was happy with the ending, it wasn't obvious, and I didn't want the story to end. Perhaps the two law enforcement characters should have a book about their romance, when they have scenes together it's really romantic, which I find really lovely in contrast with the murders and grisly sides of the story.
Sarah,Manchester, UK

Good, really enjoyed it. The Psychiatrist -I could really imagine him, and there's a good portrayal of how contract killing affects the contractor. Well written, with a good pace, not too fast, and not too gory.
Mark, WA

Available Now at Amazon.com for Kindle

14 Oct 2013

EXTRACT - Athena - The Prequel to The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy [KINDLE]


Not suitable for children due to scenes of a violent nature. 

From the Author of 'Pandora's Box' comes the dark, disturbing prequel to 'The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy: 

Athena: Goddess of War. Hellbent on the destruction of all in her path. 

One American female NYPD Detective - Finkel Macaulay. 

Two victims; their smoldering charred remains discarded on the beach on Long Island, New York. 

Three other U.S. States report homicides from 2010 which bore the same injuries, 
and remained unsolved. 

FBI Agent Nick Benson is assigned to the lead NYPD homicide Detective, Finkel Macaulay to uncover the suspect's motive for the sacrifices, and to take 
the fight against crime to a whole new new level of intensity.  

Benson risks everything-including Macaulay's life-for the chance to make things right; as losing her is the only way he can hope to save himself.

EXTRACT - Athena - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case

Copyright © 2013 Ruby Binns-Cagney
All rights reserved.

Hank finished his sandwich and pushed the plate to one side. Went to the filing cabinet and pulled out the second drawer. Took out a faded and yellowed paper file and got settled at his desk. He thumbed through the preliminary report and the Medical Examiner’s sketches and settled on the narrative the Detectives on the scene had recorded. The 2010 Drifter case. 

The description of the victim's injuries were the same. A serrated edged blade had been used to cut through the thigh bone of the victim. Traces of blood around the wound had been tested, and had come back positive for bovine blood. The murder weapon had never been found. The victim’s tongue had been cut out crudely, and stuffed back inside the oral cavity. 

The fingertips had been cut off with shears, which had not been recovered. The victim had been dumped on a field in Covina and set alight using kerosene. Traces of methyl hydrate had been found in the remnants of the charred tissue still attached to bone fragments. It wasn’t going to be easy to tell Finkel the Drifter may have returned to the area to resume his senseless killing.

The television blared as soon as Nick  hit the red button on the remote control and hit number nine. The six surveillance monitors on channel nine sparked into life. He looked at each monitor slowly and took stock of the activity he observed. Nothing to report. His phone vibrated. He pulled it from its holder and brought it up close to his face. Text message from President Erin Sullivan’s Chief of Staff.

Project Athena is a go.

His project had been green lit. Best news he’d heard all day.
He hadn’t make any morning arrangements to meet up with Finkel. He sat upright and reached for his phone on the nightstand. Sent her a text message. Waited. She responded. He went to sleep.

I looked at the caller ID when the text message had first arrived. Unknown number. Blocked. I was awake, and was counting the lines on the bed sheets. Anything to tire myself out. The message was short, concise, direct.

I’m buying you breakfast. Be at the corner of Rivington Street at eight. Nick. 

I had the broadest smile spread across my face.

'Athena - the Prequel to The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy' is available at Amazon.com for Kindle.


28 Sep 2013

NEW - Who Is Han Cainer? - Amazon for Kindle


If you have been reading my series of novels featuring hard-as-they-come feisty, fearless, sexy NYPD Detective Macaulay and her partner FBI Special Agent Nick Benson, you will know what is coming next.

If you thought FBI Special Agent Nicolo 'Nick' Benson was a real badass, with his Marine Corps training, exemplary martial arts skills, and tactical weapons training, you will be thrilled to meet Han Cainer.

Finkel is about to quit her role with the FBI so she can return to her stud ranch outside the Washington DC area, and raise her horses and start a new life.

Han demonstrates in the most horrific way what will happen if she ever leaves the FBI.

Han tells her that if she ever tells Nick, or anyone else why she can't leave the FBI, he will hunt her down and kill her slowly while Nick watches.
Then Nick will be the next to die.



Ex-Marine Corps. He's the Grim Reaper on Xanax.
So chilled out and sloth-like, you won't feel the full force of his onslaught until you're reeling with shock, and you're left wondering what just happened.

Sometimes Bad Guys Finish First

Han hasn't always been on the side of good. He moved to the darkness of death after his family were wiped out by a terrorist's bomb. Had he retaliated he'd be in a box right now; and not the kind of box you want to lift the lid on in a hurry.
Han never leaves a job until all the hats are on the ground.

A Man of Few Words

Han doesn't expend his energy chatting. When he does choose to speak, you're numb with shock. He'll leave you speechless, while he recalls everything he intuitively picks up about you. All your secrets will be exposed in a horrific way, and all the barbs and comebacks you usually rely on in such situations mysteriously fail to materialise in his presence. 

You'll lie awake at night recounting the incident and coming up with all the things you wish you had said when he was right in front of you.

He out-profiles the FBI's expert Profilers.

Why Is He At FBI Headquarters? What Does He Want?

I could tell you, but that would be breaking the Code of Silence. You'll have to find out for yourself: "Cainer" at Amazon.com for Kindle in October 2013.

To discover more about NYPD's Detective Finkel Macaulay, look at the trilogy - available at Amazon.com for Kindle, and at Kobo, Barnes & Noble for Nook, and more if you don't yet have a Kindle.

Download free sample chapters of each book, try before you buy.

NEW BOOK by Actor Jim Carrey - Roland Rolls - Interview

Jim Carrey's book, How Roland Rolls, is the story of a wave who 
comes to understand that he is not alone to rise and crash, 
but rather part of the larger ocean. 

Q: What made you want to

write a picture book versus something for older kids?
JC: I wanted to be a part
of that wonderful moment where parents read story books at night. 
When there's nothing else but you and the person you love most sharing 
a common experience. I also think that beautiful illustrations capture 
everyone's imagination. And at a very early age a silly little picture book 
can introduce kids to the fantasy world that worlds and thoughts create.

Q: How does the role of author compare to that

of actor?
JC: Acting is a very communal art form. There is surprisingly little control 
over the final product. The role of author seems more direct to me. An 
opportunity to play writer, director, and ensemble all at once. It's also 
like playing the part of midwife to something that might never have been 
born without you.  It's primitive in a narrative sense like telling a story 
around the camp fire with love, levity and warm intent.

Q: You've said that story is 'the way we order life, the way we'd like it to be.' 
If you could live out one story, what would it be and why?  
JC: Crime and Punishment (joke). I would be Howard Roark and not 
Peter Keating in The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I've already lived 
out The Great Gatsby and still I beat on, boats
against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

Q: What do you most want the kids and parents who read Roland Rolls 
to take away from the story?
JC: What I want children and parents to take away most from 
How Roland Rolls is a knowledge of their larger self and a sense of safety 
for both knowing that as they turn off the lights and go to their own beds there will 
never really be any separation between them.

19 Sep 2013

New Short Story Released - Agent Down - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case

[ Rated R For Violence & Scenes of a Sexual Nature]

Exclusive Extract From 


“Stacey, baby, that feels so good,” Stanley Tulloch said. She sucked on his balls and made them slip inside her warm slippery wet mouth. He felt like he would come if she didn't stop soon. She murmured against his vibrating flesh.
“That tickles. Stop for a minute baby.” Stacey did not stop. If anything, she became hungrier for him, and sucked the tip of his black cock hard and fast until he ejaculated into her mouth. He sucked his teeth in exasperation when he came.
“Damn, girl. You're so hot tonight. Fuck!”  Stanley pulled his long black cock out of her mouth and rolled back against the cool bed covers.
The two lay silently in the wide expanse of the hotel bed. Stacey fell asleep, her arm draped over his torso. He moved her arm.
She was incredibly soft. All over. Her skin had a sheen to it. She had a golden honey hue to her toned body. He felt his cock begin to harder as she lay with her back to him. He snorted two lines of cocaine off the nightstand next to his weapon. A Glock with a 22 caliber.
He savored the last remaining minutes with her until they would have to separate. Go back to reality. She had a fine ass. Wished he could tap it some more. He was out of time.
“I have to go, honey,” he said, and turned so his back was to her. Put on his pants. Stood and jumped into his shoes and pushed his shirt down deep inside his pants. Checked the fly was closed. He headed to the bathroom to wash up quickly.
“Same time next week, baby?” Stacey called out, and slipped the stack of dollar bills on the nightstand inside her purse underneath her pillow. She sat upright in the bed and adjusted her bra. Smoothed her hair.
“Absolutely. Wouldn't miss this for the world,” Stanley said.
In the artificial light inside the windowless compact-sized bathroom he checked his face for lipstick marks. Ran the faucet and washed his hands, face and mouth. Washed off any trace of her from his smooth dark skin. He could still taste the sweetness of her pussy juices against his lips. He rinsed his face again. Captured the memory in his fantasy rolodex. Locked that shit up tight in there.
He looked in on her before he turned the door handle to leave the hotel room. She was asleep, and lay motionless in the bed. He stepped into the hallway and closed the room door. Room 7007 at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Boulevard. The Strip, as they call it.
He had gone to Las Vegas on a whim. He was on a case, and it had gone cold. There was little he could do to resurrect it. He chose instead to blow some cash the only way he knew how. Women. Gambling. Liquor. In that order.
Stanley Tulloch worked as a Private Detective. An-Ex NYPD Detective, he had served thirty years, retired, and had headed west to Las Vegas to start his own Detective Agency. 
Ten years later, instead of enjoying retirement, he drew a good salary. Took photographs of A-List Celebrities. Captured graphic details of cheating husbands or wives, and sold them to the Media. He was making paper, but not yet printing his own money. He ran the Agency with one broad at the helm. Ginger. Her real name was Marcy. A redhead with big breasts. 
Stanley gave people descriptive names which helped him to remember who the fuck they were. His memory was not that wonderful lately but it got him from A to B and helped him to solve his client's cases. He was professional. If he felt unable to take on a case he outsourced the detective work. Gave side jobs to younger more amiable guys. Guys hungrier than him for a collar. Some of his current confidential informants stemmed from his days with NYPD. Men who had since migrated to Las Vegas after he did. Tracked their movements and gave them payouts in exchange for tidbits of reliable information. 
One such side piece of information had led to the capture and arrest of an attempted rapist. Ted Hollinger. At that time, Ted had been married to Marcy. At his first sight of Marcy, Stanley knew he wanted to be with her forever. Fortunately for him, she had felt the same way about him. Lucky bastard.
Now he was stepping out on her. The jerk. (Read more at Smashwords.com)

Available now at Smashwords for Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, ePub, or read it on your computer as a PDF file.

18 Sep 2013

NEW - Tabula Rasa - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case (Kindle Version)

NEW     NEW      NEW     NEW    NEW   NEW     

Tabula Rasa (A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case) [Kindle Edition]
Ruby Binns-Cagney (Author) 

Print List Price:
Kindle Price:
£1.53 includes VAT* & free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet
You Save:
£6.46 (81%)
* Unlike print books, digital books are subject to VAT.

From the Author of "The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy"

'Tabula Rasa' takes you on the hunt for a serial killer who must be brought to justice, at whatever cost.

NYPD Detective Finkel Macaulay takes on a Homicide case which 
brings death to her door. 

When one of their own is abducted, NYPD and the FBI scramble to capture him.

As she pursues the killer, Finkel has to make a decision which could 
cost her everything she ever wanted.

With their lives at risk, Benson has to choose between catching the perpetrator or risking the Teams' lives for the sake of wiping the slate clean. 

Product details
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 386 KB
  • Print Length: 304 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Ruby Binns-Cagney (25 July 2013)
  • Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00E6X7ULE
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • X-Ray: Not Enabled
  • Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item

4 Sep 2013

Amazon launches Kindle Matchbook

Discounted e-books for those who own the hard copy

A new benefit that gives customers the option to buy--for $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free--the Kindle edition of print books they have purchased new from Amazon. Print purchases all the way back to 1995--when Amazon first opened its online bookstore--will qualify.

It launches in October. 

What can you expect?

Amazon, Kindle MatchBook now makes it possible for that purchase--18 years later--to be added to your Kindle library at a very low cost.

What Are The Benefits?

With Kindle MatchBook, they can keep their favorite book on their shelf, and have a copy in their digital library for reading, perhaps re-reading it with features like X-Ray and Popular Highlights.

How Does It Work?

Kindle MatchBook features include:
Kindle editions at a great price: Amazon customers who purchase or have purchased qualifying print books can get the Kindle edition for prices that are typically $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free.
Readers can easily look up their entire print book order history to discover which of their past purchases are enrolled in Kindle MatchBook.
Read anywhere capabilities: 
In addition to Amazon's best-selling Kindle devices, customers can download a free Kindle reading app for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, PC or Mac and start building their Kindle library today.

More Information:
Customers can learn more by visiting Amazon.com

29 Aug 2013

Fifth Avenue Murder - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case - Video Book Preview

Murder comes in all guises.

Unexpected players emerge from the confines of secrecy, plot and
skullduggery all mastermind the fall of the House of Revanna fashion

The drama unfolds with shocks and surprises which serve to
gradually draw you into the intrigue.
The last page will have you draw your breath, relieved the
whirlwind has eased.

Fifth Avenue Murder - at Amazon.com in paperback, on Kindle
and at CreateSpace in paperback:

https://www.createspace.com/4442336 Fifth Ave Murder at CreateSpace.

24 Aug 2013

EXCLUSIVE - Free Sample Download - "1-8-7 Homicide: New York" A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case



for Amazon Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo or read on your PC and Mac



for Amazon Kindle, Sony, Kobo, Nook 
and PC or Mac purchases - just $2.99


 at Amazon.com

From The Author of 'Pandora's Box' and 'The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy' comes a new thriller with a tantalising twist:  

'1-8-7 Homicide, New York - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case' 

Divorce Attorney Helena Webster-Rumholdt is subjected to an 
attempted assault while out on a run in Central Park.  

A victim's decomposed corpse is found in Central Park's 
Lake and NYPD's  Homicide Detective Sergeant Finkel Macaulay 
is called in to investigate.  

Helena has a disturbing secret which puts the investigation in 
jeopardy if revealed. 

As the investigation stalls, the case is sent to FBI Supervisory 
Special Agent Nick Benson to investigate. However, his efforts 
are hampered by his continued struggle with Post-Traumatic 
Stress Disorder. 

Finkel takes drastic action to save their fragile marriage, which 
almost costs her too much. 

When the body count escalates, the case is catapulted towards 
an explosive end.

More By This Author - Ruby Binns-Cagney

23 Aug 2013

Publishing industry News - Nielsen To Buy Two R. R. Bowker Book Tracking Services

Nielsen To Buy Two R. R. Bowker Book Tracking Services

In a move that enhances its global print and e-book sales tracking and analysis capabilities, Nielsen, the media and information measuring service, is acquiring book data vendor R. R. Bowker’s Business Intelligence and Commerce Solutions product units. The deal will close in a month, and gives Nielsen the ability to measure e-book sales in the U.S. and U.K., while also tracking book volume and sales trends using a variety of demographic criteria.
The two services will be integrated into the Neilsen book tracking platform—which includes the BookData, BookNet, Registration Agencies and BookScan services—and will also allow Neielsen to offer retailers a service that can source and order books throughout the English-language book market. R. R. Bowker will continue to work with publishers in the critical role of building technology tools for book discovery through such services as its role managing ISBN identifiers and its Syndetic and Summon services.

Kurt Sanford, CEO of ProQuest, the parent company of R.R. Bowker, said the combining of Nielsen and Bowker services will provide a “streamlined” workflow for their clients. “Book publsihers will receive the critical data they require to navigate the transition to digital-first publishing, through one tool set from one source, significantly simplifying the collection of business intelligence.”
The newly acquired Business Intelligence products include PubTrack Digital, PubTrack Christian, PubTrack Higher-Ed, Bowker Market Research Books & Consumers, Global Ebook Monitor, and custom research. Commerce Solutions products include PubEasy, Pubnet, and PacStream.
Citing the deal for its ability to “provide our clients with the measurement tools, insights and linked commerce solutions needed to exceed their current and future expectations,” Jonathan Nowell, President, Books, Nielsen, added that, “We are committed to elevating the global book industry’s understanding of print and digital book measurement and discovery within an evolving media landscape.”

22 Aug 2013

- - - Author Interview with Ruby Binns-Cagney - - -

Author Interview with Ruby Binns-Cagney

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small town in England. I lived near a library, and got into reading fiction books while attending college.
I enjoyed crime thrillers by Lawrence Block, James Patterson, and Patricia Cornwell, and it gave me an interest in Criminology and Psychology and I put it together from there.
After college I got interested in Forensic Science, and took my interests further into my book writing, which features crime scene investigations and forensic testing of evidence in homicides, based in New York City.

When did you first start writing?
I wrote my first fictional short story book on paper aged sixteen. I showed it to my classmates, and told them to look out for it to be published.
Of the friends who read the book, they all said it was fantastic.
It gave me a real confidence boost.
It wasn't until much later in life that I got around to being a self-published Author due to extensive travel and career plans.
I gained certification as a Life and Relationship Coach, and write relationship self-help books alongside fiction.

What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest new fiction book, "1-8-7 Homicide, New York," is an espionage-themed crime thriller featuring NYPD's Detective Sergeant Finkel Macaulay.
The challenge for Macaulay begins when she discovers her husband, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Nick Benson has kept a major secret from her, and it rocks their marriage. They're already trying to cope with Nick's Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and it's getting worse. His medication has stopped working, and he becomes violent, with disastrous consequences.
It was challenging to create such intense drama for the main characters because they're usually romantic with each other.
I hope my readers will enjoy it, and give me their thoughts.

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I had a manuscript ready for a long time before I broached the idea of self-publishing as an Indie Author. The learning curve for digital publishing was very steep until I discovered Smashwords, and how simple it was to have extended distribution to other retailers.
I spent an entire weekend and emerged with a book published and on sale.
It was a pivotal moment in my writing career.
Now I publish one book every month. I enjoy writing so much I set up BinnsCagneyPublishing and Design Co to encourage new Authors to self-publish.

How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
From the get go, Smashwords has metaphorically held my hand through the entire digital publishing process. Without any assistance I've been able to produce high quality digital books on many platforms for eBook readers including Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Canada's Kobo reader.

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I especially enjoy creating high suspense and drama. Keeping the readers guessing what will happen next. Unlike a movie, readers have to get to the next part of the plot over several days' reading.
The build up of suspenseful story telling is the real skill.
Once the reader cares about whether the characters survive the explosion, or manage to escape from the serial killer hopefully goes a long way to their enjoyment of my books. I certainly hope so!

What do your fans mean to you?
My fans mean the world to me. I get so many messages on Facebook and on my blog from fans who love NYPD's Detective Sergeant Finkel Macaulay and the FBI's Supervisory Special Agent Nick Benson, and often ask me if they will stay together!
It helps that Finkel and Nick are so sexy and passionate, and enjoy being physical with each other.
I introduced a new character, Mike Sabrini, who is a Crime Scene Investigator who becomes infatuated with Finkel, and the fans went wild !
Some of them told me in no uncertain terms that Finkel belongs with Nick !
I found it so incredible that my fans are already so invested in my characters.
I love to hear from fans at my Facebook Page Author Ruby Binns-Cagney because it's important to me to connect with them, and give them the enjoyment of my books they seek.

What are you working on next?
I've just finished writing "1-8-7 Homicide New York" which is available for Pre-Order at Smashwords, and will be published on September 7.
The next book in the 'Detective Macaulay Homicide Case' series is called '5th Avenue Murder' and is available in twelve languages, and you can sample it at Amazon.com soon!
In fact, all my books are available for sampling at Smashwords.com at anytime.

Books by This Author

Pre-release — available September 7, 2013. Price: $2.99 USD. Approx. 56,550 words. Language: American English. Category: Fiction.
From The Author of 'Pandora's Box' and 'The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy' comes a thriller with a tantalizing twist. Divorce Attorney Helena Webster-Rumholdt is assaulted in Central Park while out on a run. A victim's body is found in Central Park's Lake and NYPD's Detective Finkel Macaulay is called in to investigate.

Price: $3.99 USD. Approx. 57,690 words. Language: English. Published on July 27, 2013. Category: Fiction.
NYPD Detective Finkel Macaulay takes on a Homicide case which brings death to her door. When one of their own is abducted, the NYPD and FBI scramble to capture him. As she pursues the killer,Finkel has to make a decision which could cost her everything she ever wanted.

Price: $2.99 USD. Approx. 25,950 words. Language: English. Published on June 29, 2013. Category: Fiction.
A grisly Homicide case leaves Detective Macaulay's life changed forever. One Homicide Detective. One FBI Special Agent. One suspect.One mysterious box. Two corpses. As one man's impulse to kill is challenged, his horrifying grip on a small town is threatened. Detective Macaulay's determination to stop him comes with unforeseen risk.

Price: $1.99 USD. Approx. 11,430 words. Language: English. Published on May 16, 2013. Category: Fiction.
***IT’S FINALLY HERE! The 1st book in the Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy!!*** Flirty, Frisky, Frantic and Frightening: "One For The Money" is just plain thrilling!!!! The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy brings you sizzle and sleuth-boggling murder, chaos and mayhem. Overview of One For The Money: One corpse. One manhunt. One chance for Macaulay to trap a sadist. The countdown begins.

Price: $1.99 USD. Approx. 18,520 words. Language: English. Published on May 22, 2013. Category: Fiction.
**IT’S HERE! The 2nd book in the Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy!!*** Fast paced, sexy, and exciting !!!! The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy picks up the pace - A relentless sadist has put a target on Detective Macaulay's back. The clock is ticking. Overview of Lay Lady Lay: One dead blonde. One bomb. One sadist. Detective Macaulay is not about to quit.

Price: $1.99 USD. Approx. 28,710 words. Language: English. Published on June 9, 2013. Category: Fiction.
****The FBI and NYPD's hunt for Bo Harknett intensifies to its thrilling climax. ****** One life hangs in the balance. One chance. Time is running out. Will Detective Macaulay get there in time to capture Harknett?

Price: $0.99 USD. Approx. 10,340 words. Language: English. Published on April 17, 2013. Category: Nonfiction.
How do you achieve an ultimate level of intimacy which lasts, deepens and grows? When you are in a happy, passionate relationship, you want it to last. Inevitably, the passion cools and soon fades. "Ultimate Intimacy" has expert relationship advice which guides you towards new ways to develop real intimacy, which serve as a foundation you can build the crucial components of intimacy upon.

Price: $1.97 USD. Approx. 5,150 words. Language: English. Published on February 19, 2013. Category: Nonfiction.
What do you want your relationship to mean to you? What is it about love that attracts you to it? How can you grow as a couple once you are in love? These are questions which are answered in 'All About Love-A Guide To Evolving Relationships' the exciting new book from Ruby Binns-Cagney, Expert Relationship Coach.

Price: $1.99 USD. Approx. 9,480 words. Language: English. Published on January 31, 2013. Category: Nonfiction.
'Love Over 40' is the essential guide for women, and anyone aged 40 or over who wants to find lasting love, whether you have just ended a relationship or marriage, or have not dated for some time.This valuable self help book is written by relationship expert Ruby Binns-Cagney, who has Coached thousands of clients to help them find real lasting love. A great reference guide for modern dating.