29 Aug 2013

Fifth Avenue Murder - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case - Video Book Preview

Murder comes in all guises.

Unexpected players emerge from the confines of secrecy, plot and
skullduggery all mastermind the fall of the House of Revanna fashion

The drama unfolds with shocks and surprises which serve to
gradually draw you into the intrigue.
The last page will have you draw your breath, relieved the
whirlwind has eased.

Fifth Avenue Murder - at Amazon.com in paperback, on Kindle
and at CreateSpace in paperback:

https://www.createspace.com/4442336 Fifth Ave Murder at CreateSpace.

24 Aug 2013

EXCLUSIVE - Free Sample Download - "1-8-7 Homicide: New York" A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case



for Amazon Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo or read on your PC and Mac



for Amazon Kindle, Sony, Kobo, Nook 
and PC or Mac purchases - just $2.99


 at Amazon.com

From The Author of 'Pandora's Box' and 'The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy' comes a new thriller with a tantalising twist:  

'1-8-7 Homicide, New York - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case' 

Divorce Attorney Helena Webster-Rumholdt is subjected to an 
attempted assault while out on a run in Central Park.  

A victim's decomposed corpse is found in Central Park's 
Lake and NYPD's  Homicide Detective Sergeant Finkel Macaulay 
is called in to investigate.  

Helena has a disturbing secret which puts the investigation in 
jeopardy if revealed. 

As the investigation stalls, the case is sent to FBI Supervisory 
Special Agent Nick Benson to investigate. However, his efforts 
are hampered by his continued struggle with Post-Traumatic 
Stress Disorder. 

Finkel takes drastic action to save their fragile marriage, which 
almost costs her too much. 

When the body count escalates, the case is catapulted towards 
an explosive end.

More By This Author - Ruby Binns-Cagney

23 Aug 2013

Publishing industry News - Nielsen To Buy Two R. R. Bowker Book Tracking Services

Nielsen To Buy Two R. R. Bowker Book Tracking Services

In a move that enhances its global print and e-book sales tracking and analysis capabilities, Nielsen, the media and information measuring service, is acquiring book data vendor R. R. Bowker’s Business Intelligence and Commerce Solutions product units. The deal will close in a month, and gives Nielsen the ability to measure e-book sales in the U.S. and U.K., while also tracking book volume and sales trends using a variety of demographic criteria.
The two services will be integrated into the Neilsen book tracking platform—which includes the BookData, BookNet, Registration Agencies and BookScan services—and will also allow Neielsen to offer retailers a service that can source and order books throughout the English-language book market. R. R. Bowker will continue to work with publishers in the critical role of building technology tools for book discovery through such services as its role managing ISBN identifiers and its Syndetic and Summon services.

Kurt Sanford, CEO of ProQuest, the parent company of R.R. Bowker, said the combining of Nielsen and Bowker services will provide a “streamlined” workflow for their clients. “Book publsihers will receive the critical data they require to navigate the transition to digital-first publishing, through one tool set from one source, significantly simplifying the collection of business intelligence.”
The newly acquired Business Intelligence products include PubTrack Digital, PubTrack Christian, PubTrack Higher-Ed, Bowker Market Research Books & Consumers, Global Ebook Monitor, and custom research. Commerce Solutions products include PubEasy, Pubnet, and PacStream.
Citing the deal for its ability to “provide our clients with the measurement tools, insights and linked commerce solutions needed to exceed their current and future expectations,” Jonathan Nowell, President, Books, Nielsen, added that, “We are committed to elevating the global book industry’s understanding of print and digital book measurement and discovery within an evolving media landscape.”

22 Aug 2013

- - - Author Interview with Ruby Binns-Cagney - - -

Author Interview with Ruby Binns-Cagney

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a small town in England. I lived near a library, and got into reading fiction books while attending college.
I enjoyed crime thrillers by Lawrence Block, James Patterson, and Patricia Cornwell, and it gave me an interest in Criminology and Psychology and I put it together from there.
After college I got interested in Forensic Science, and took my interests further into my book writing, which features crime scene investigations and forensic testing of evidence in homicides, based in New York City.

When did you first start writing?
I wrote my first fictional short story book on paper aged sixteen. I showed it to my classmates, and told them to look out for it to be published.
Of the friends who read the book, they all said it was fantastic.
It gave me a real confidence boost.
It wasn't until much later in life that I got around to being a self-published Author due to extensive travel and career plans.
I gained certification as a Life and Relationship Coach, and write relationship self-help books alongside fiction.

What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest new fiction book, "1-8-7 Homicide, New York," is an espionage-themed crime thriller featuring NYPD's Detective Sergeant Finkel Macaulay.
The challenge for Macaulay begins when she discovers her husband, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Nick Benson has kept a major secret from her, and it rocks their marriage. They're already trying to cope with Nick's Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and it's getting worse. His medication has stopped working, and he becomes violent, with disastrous consequences.
It was challenging to create such intense drama for the main characters because they're usually romantic with each other.
I hope my readers will enjoy it, and give me their thoughts.

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I had a manuscript ready for a long time before I broached the idea of self-publishing as an Indie Author. The learning curve for digital publishing was very steep until I discovered Smashwords, and how simple it was to have extended distribution to other retailers.
I spent an entire weekend and emerged with a book published and on sale.
It was a pivotal moment in my writing career.
Now I publish one book every month. I enjoy writing so much I set up BinnsCagneyPublishing and Design Co to encourage new Authors to self-publish.

How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
From the get go, Smashwords has metaphorically held my hand through the entire digital publishing process. Without any assistance I've been able to produce high quality digital books on many platforms for eBook readers including Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Canada's Kobo reader.

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I especially enjoy creating high suspense and drama. Keeping the readers guessing what will happen next. Unlike a movie, readers have to get to the next part of the plot over several days' reading.
The build up of suspenseful story telling is the real skill.
Once the reader cares about whether the characters survive the explosion, or manage to escape from the serial killer hopefully goes a long way to their enjoyment of my books. I certainly hope so!

What do your fans mean to you?
My fans mean the world to me. I get so many messages on Facebook and on my blog from fans who love NYPD's Detective Sergeant Finkel Macaulay and the FBI's Supervisory Special Agent Nick Benson, and often ask me if they will stay together!
It helps that Finkel and Nick are so sexy and passionate, and enjoy being physical with each other.
I introduced a new character, Mike Sabrini, who is a Crime Scene Investigator who becomes infatuated with Finkel, and the fans went wild !
Some of them told me in no uncertain terms that Finkel belongs with Nick !
I found it so incredible that my fans are already so invested in my characters.
I love to hear from fans at my Facebook Page Author Ruby Binns-Cagney because it's important to me to connect with them, and give them the enjoyment of my books they seek.

What are you working on next?
I've just finished writing "1-8-7 Homicide New York" which is available for Pre-Order at Smashwords, and will be published on September 7.
The next book in the 'Detective Macaulay Homicide Case' series is called '5th Avenue Murder' and is available in twelve languages, and you can sample it at Amazon.com soon!
In fact, all my books are available for sampling at Smashwords.com at anytime.

Books by This Author

Pre-release — available September 7, 2013. Price: $2.99 USD. Approx. 56,550 words. Language: American English. Category: Fiction.
From The Author of 'Pandora's Box' and 'The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy' comes a thriller with a tantalizing twist. Divorce Attorney Helena Webster-Rumholdt is assaulted in Central Park while out on a run. A victim's body is found in Central Park's Lake and NYPD's Detective Finkel Macaulay is called in to investigate.

Price: $3.99 USD. Approx. 57,690 words. Language: English. Published on July 27, 2013. Category: Fiction.
NYPD Detective Finkel Macaulay takes on a Homicide case which brings death to her door. When one of their own is abducted, the NYPD and FBI scramble to capture him. As she pursues the killer,Finkel has to make a decision which could cost her everything she ever wanted.

Price: $2.99 USD. Approx. 25,950 words. Language: English. Published on June 29, 2013. Category: Fiction.
A grisly Homicide case leaves Detective Macaulay's life changed forever. One Homicide Detective. One FBI Special Agent. One suspect.One mysterious box. Two corpses. As one man's impulse to kill is challenged, his horrifying grip on a small town is threatened. Detective Macaulay's determination to stop him comes with unforeseen risk.

Price: $1.99 USD. Approx. 11,430 words. Language: English. Published on May 16, 2013. Category: Fiction.
***IT’S FINALLY HERE! The 1st book in the Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy!!*** Flirty, Frisky, Frantic and Frightening: "One For The Money" is just plain thrilling!!!! The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy brings you sizzle and sleuth-boggling murder, chaos and mayhem. Overview of One For The Money: One corpse. One manhunt. One chance for Macaulay to trap a sadist. The countdown begins.

Price: $1.99 USD. Approx. 18,520 words. Language: English. Published on May 22, 2013. Category: Fiction.
**IT’S HERE! The 2nd book in the Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy!!*** Fast paced, sexy, and exciting !!!! The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy picks up the pace - A relentless sadist has put a target on Detective Macaulay's back. The clock is ticking. Overview of Lay Lady Lay: One dead blonde. One bomb. One sadist. Detective Macaulay is not about to quit.

Price: $1.99 USD. Approx. 28,710 words. Language: English. Published on June 9, 2013. Category: Fiction.
****The FBI and NYPD's hunt for Bo Harknett intensifies to its thrilling climax. ****** One life hangs in the balance. One chance. Time is running out. Will Detective Macaulay get there in time to capture Harknett?

Price: $0.99 USD. Approx. 10,340 words. Language: English. Published on April 17, 2013. Category: Nonfiction.
How do you achieve an ultimate level of intimacy which lasts, deepens and grows? When you are in a happy, passionate relationship, you want it to last. Inevitably, the passion cools and soon fades. "Ultimate Intimacy" has expert relationship advice which guides you towards new ways to develop real intimacy, which serve as a foundation you can build the crucial components of intimacy upon.

Price: $1.97 USD. Approx. 5,150 words. Language: English. Published on February 19, 2013. Category: Nonfiction.
What do you want your relationship to mean to you? What is it about love that attracts you to it? How can you grow as a couple once you are in love? These are questions which are answered in 'All About Love-A Guide To Evolving Relationships' the exciting new book from Ruby Binns-Cagney, Expert Relationship Coach.

Price: $1.99 USD. Approx. 9,480 words. Language: English. Published on January 31, 2013. Category: Nonfiction.
'Love Over 40' is the essential guide for women, and anyone aged 40 or over who wants to find lasting love, whether you have just ended a relationship or marriage, or have not dated for some time.This valuable self help book is written by relationship expert Ruby Binns-Cagney, who has Coached thousands of clients to help them find real lasting love. A great reference guide for modern dating.

18 Aug 2013

Forthcoming Book Releases - Kestrel


One of FBI Special Agent Nick Benson's cold cases is resurrected when a telephone call from the Priest at St Cecilia's Church rouses him from a troubled sleep.

When a man dies in the arms of his Priest, the severity of the victim's injuries force the NYPD to turn the case over to the FBI, which opens up a cold case for FBI Special Agent Nicolo 'Nick' Benson.

Nothing is known about the victim; the latest in a series of macabre deaths. The victim is found in a Church with a wooden stake through the heart - in what is termed as the latest in a series of depraved murders dating back to 1981. 

The investigation into the homicide brings the FBI to Lower Manhattan to begin a large scale manhunt. 

Nick brings trusted FBI Agents Stanley Tulloch, Marcus Berringer, and Douglas Keating into the investigation to comb the archives for leads to bring down the Suspect, only known as 'the Kestrel.'

Nick scrambles his Team to track down the Kestrel and put him down using any means necessary.


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12 Aug 2013

Guest Author Spotlight: Author Daniel M. Robinson





Set in the year 2981, Earth and the other members of Union of Planets find themselves thrown into a second major war with the Barican Star Empire.

The last war, commonly known and remembered as the ‘Great War’ saw a death toll of over sixty billion lives across the Universe.

When a new Czar claims the Imperial Throne from his Father, the six month old peace treaty is over. The new Czar wants to destroy the Union of Planets. The stage is set for war. 

However, the Baricans seize control of a Union planet.

By doing so, they obtain the universally feared Viper bomb.

A weapon powerful enough to destroy planets and render sections of space uninhabitable for millions of years.

To stop the Empire, a newly promoted Commander and his crew must save a planet, themselves, and the Union.

Ace Lawson and his crew; hold the fate of billions of lives in their hands.

Daniel M. Robinson writes:

This is book one of nine. The series of books will be published as three trilogies.
The second book, Star Blast 2 – Empires at War will pick up eight months after the events of the first book. Star Blast 2 is due out later this year.

With both traditional Science Fiction and newer fantasy Sci/Fi, Star Blast is action packed, dark in nature, and there are light-hearted moments in this series which spans across three trilogies and thirty years.

Author Bio:

Daniel M. Robinson an Indie Author at Smashwords and at Amazon for Kindle. He is also the Grandson of well-respected Author Winsome Smith.

A Queensland, Australia native, Daniel was born in Sydney, New South Wales. His childhood was spent around the Tweed Coast, where he attended South Tweed Primary School and Tweed River High School.

Daniel is a Father of 3 children, and a Step-father of 2 additional children.

His first Novel, Australian Outlaw, was published in 2012 by Zeus Publications.
He is a life-long fan of the Australian NRL Team the Manly Sea-eagles.
Star Blast 2 – Empires at War, book 2 of the first trilogy, is due out later this year.

Connect with Daniel Online:

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9 Aug 2013

New York City & Times Square Night Tour

I love New York City, so it made absolute sense to based my character, NYPD's Detective Finkel Macaulay there. Her office is in Columbus Circle and she drives from her home in Rivington Street, off-Soho, to the office. 

In the video clip you can follow the same route Macaulay takes to work, up through Times Square, and across to the West 57th Street exit to leave Midtown.

NEW BOOKS - Coming Soon - Amazon and Smashwords.com

Sony's eReader Store Launches 'Emotion Match-Ups' Book Store

As a self-published Author my books are distributed through the Sony eReader Store, among other retailers such as as the Apple iBook Store and ITunes.

Imagine my surprise when I visited the Sony eReader store page for my book and saw the new emotion-led book store!

Sony have struck gold with this concept.

Given how frequently our moods can change, tapping into your emotional state before you purchase an eBook is a stroke of genius.

Try it for yourself here Sony eReader Store

6 Aug 2013

New Book - 187 Homicide New York - Free Preview now at Smashwords.com


From the Author of 'Pandora's Box' comes 
a new thriller with edge of your seat

When a man borrows an expensive car from a short 
term parking facility to 
impress a woman, he's unaware
of what's in the trunk.

As a body washes up in the Lake 
in New York's Central Park, 
NYPD's Detective Finkel Macaulay 
gets the call that could cost the life of 
one of NYPD's own.
                                                              (Photo credit: http://www.facebook.com/BinnsCagneyDesignCo) 


                                                                             Copyright  ©  Ruby Binns-Cagney 2013

A cold, rainy morning. My vehicle's windshield wipers metronomed across the glass hypnotically. Not a good night to be in Central Park. A homicide had been called in. The crime scene was a short ride from my office in Columbus Circle, Uptown New York.  I pulled up at the blue police barrier, parked my vehicle, and headed over to the uniformed Officer who controlled access to the scene. 

“Can I help you Ma'am?” Officer Roston White said. “Detective Sergeant Finkel Macaulay, third grade. Specialist Homicide.” Officer Roston White wrote my name down onto her clipboard's sheaf of papers, now shielded from the rain by my umbrella. 

“They're ready for you, over by the lake.”  The Officer pointed in the direction of halogen lights and white tents. “Thank you,”I said, and walked up to the Detectives arranged by the victim's body. Formerly an 18-acre swamp, the lake now boasted bamboo trees, and rowboat rental facilities. 

“Macaulay. I thought it was your night off?” Detective Eric Tomlyn said. I closed my umbrella and pulled at the peaked cap I slipped on. 

“Does crime take a night off, Eric? Neither do I. What do we have here?” I said to the Medical Examiner, Estelle Mabius, positioned over the body.  

“Hey, Finkel. We have a caucasian female, aged between thirty and thirty-five. Single gunshot wound to the chest.” Estelle fingered the hole gently. 

“Large calibre, possibly a .45. Lividity suggests time of death to be around two days ago,” Estelle said. The M.E. had completed her pre-autopsy findings and made notes while avoiding the wet ground beneath the victim. Dead. Two days ago. This wasn't the primary crime scene. “The victim was killed elsewhere and dumped here,” I said. I got down low next to Estelle.

“Any I.D.?” I said. “Nothing found with the victim's body,” Eric said. I moved forward and looked at the victim's position on the ground. The victim's lips were now devoid of all color and checks of the eyes showed the pupils were fixed. 

“What was the victim doing out here?” I said, and stood upright. “I found some fibres in the gunshot wound, which means we should get some trace back at the lab,” Estelle said. If we caught a break, the fibers would lead us to the suspect. A uniformed Officer approached us. 

“We found the victim's purse over by the garbage cans on the Bow Bridge.” The Bow Bridge is at 74th Street, overlooking Central Park West. I examined the purse. “All the credit cards and cash are gone.” The separate plastic bag of identity documents included a driver's licence and theatre ticket stubs. Detective Eric Tomlyn shone the light from his thin flashlight onto my hands. “Thanks,” I said. 

The New York driver's licence identification inside the purse had an address listed, and a photograph of the victim. Jolene Gorskin. Blonde, green eyes, and a pale white complexion.  “Have uniforms canvass the area in a five mile radius of the bridge. Maybe somebody will recall seeing something,” I said. The Officer retreated. 

“Eric, get a warrant and have the Department of Motor Vehicles confirm the victim's address details, and I'll go over there after breakfast,” I said. “Yes, Boss,” Eric said. Breakfast was an hour later with a hot cup of coffee while I watched the sun rise above the trees around us. New York has amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Detective Harry Bertrand approached. “Finkel, we just got a hit off the DMV records.” Harry is about to retire. After almost thirty years' service. “What have you got?” I said, and put the coffee cup onto the ground. 

“The DMV had a different address for the victim. Registered in Boston.” Boston. What was the victim doing in New York?  “Put in a call to Boston PD. Have them go and interview the family.” Harry shuffled off and I returned to my sky watch. This was the only time of day when I could control my thoughts. All the other time was compressed by conflicting demands. This was my alone time.

“Boss, we've got to go,” Eric said. I followed the path back to my vehicle. The M.E. had released the crime scene and the technicians fingerprinted the victim, and took swabs for a sexual assault kit. Over by the Boathouse a light shone from the windows. “Harry, let's check that out,” I said, and pointed to the Boathouse. “Do the Lake Conservation Committee leave the light on overnight?” I said to Eric and Harry. “I expect not,” Eric said. 

“Do you think somebody spent the night in there?” Harry said. “I'm not sure, but let's go see.” I said, and walked back to my vehicle. “I'm not sure I like the sound of that,” Harry said, and Eric took his time to find Officer White to sign us off the list of law enforcement attending the crime scene.

The rain had stopped, and it was a bright sun which now bore down on us as we pulled up at the Boathouse. The heavily padlocked wooden door proved my theory. Somebody had let themselves in. The pane of glass in the lower half of the door was broken. I peeped inside the room through the glass. 

Storage racks on one wall for rowing boats and heavy ropes. Water butts, and a desk with boxes of Manila envelopes visible on the surface. “Nobody's home,” Eric said. “Then how come the light is now off?” I said, and reached for my weapon. 
“Harry, kick it in. Let's go,” I said, and took up my position to the right of the door. “Why me?” Harry said, aghast at my request. 

“For Christ's sake,” Eric said, and kicked in the lower panel of the door. It buckled slightly but remained in place. “Again, please,” I said, and Eric kicked against the door, much harder this time. We all hesitated to act once the door flew open. Gave who ever was inside a chance to surrender. 

“NYPD. Come out, hands in the air,” I said. We waited. We looked as far inside the doorway as possible. No movement, only shadow and sunlight through the big windows to the right of us. “Let's move,” I said, and Eric took point. 
As he walked inside the boathouse we heard movement coming from the rear quadrant, behind rotted boat hulls and mangy ropes. Rustling. Creaking boards. “Don't shoot! I'm unarmed!” the woman's voice came, and we stood still and listened.  “Come out with your hands up high so we can see you,” I said. 

A small-framed blonde. Green eyes. She wore a grey running vest, black zip through jacket and black sweatpants, and slowly appeared from behind the boat hulls. Barefoot, with red raw skin on the soles of her feet. 

“What happened to your shoes?” I said. We all looked at her feet. “I lost them. Last night.” I looked at Eric as he lowered his weapon and approached her. “You'll get an infection. Here,” he said, and picked the woman up off the ground and sat her onto the desk. “I'll call it in,”Harry said, and dialled digits into his phone. “Dispatch.” The call was answered quickly. 

“Identifier 7 dash 3695.” A pause. “Confirmed, Detective Bertrand. Go ahead.” Harry looked at the woman, while Eric inspected the soles of her feet. “I need a bus, over at the Loeb Boathouse.” Static on the line. “E.T.A. Nine minutes, Detective.” Harry disconnected the call. He scooted over to the side of the desk and sat next to the woman. “Can you tell us your name?” I said. 

“Helena Webster-Rumholdt. I'm a Divorce Attorney and Partner over at Baldock Webster-Rumholdt.” The prestigious family law firm was based in the Trump Building on Wall Street in Manhattan. “Miss Webster-Rumholdt, can you tell me what you were doing to be out here?”

“I'm Mrs Webster-Rumholdt. My husband is Patrick Rumholdt. The sculptor.” We had stumbled upon a mystery. The Rumholdt's were held in high regard as an upper class couple in New York Society's circles.

An affluent married professional couple. Houses in the Hamptons and the Cayman Islands. Patrick Rumholdt had exhibited his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the past five months. 

“What do you mean, you lost your shoes last night? Have you been here all night?” Harry said, as the wail of sirens from approaching ambulances and police cars flooded the air around us. “Let's get her to the station and get her cleaned up. There will be plenty of time for questions later,” I said. 

“Thank you,” Helena said, and we all took our time to lead her to the waiting ambulance. “What the hell happened last night?” Eric said. “We'll know soon enough.” I said. The paramedics looked at Helena's eyes with a small flashlight and sat her down on the gurney in the back. 

“What are you doing Uptown, Finkel?” Joe Stiles, the paramedic said. “Joe, I go all over town you know me. I can't resist a good crime scene.” Joe looked at Helena's feet. “What happened to your feet, Ma'am?” Joe took his time to clean up the soles of Helena's feet. 

The surgical spirit Joe used to clean her feet stung her skin every time Joe touched her, but she tried not to show how much pain she was in. 

“I was assaulted last night. Along the lake shore. I often jog here at night with two other friends. We had just separated and as I headed back to my car I was thrown to the ground and attacked. My running shoes got pulled off during the struggle, but I managed to get away and ran to shelter.” Helena's mouth was dry. 

“May I have some water please?” Joe looked at Helena's mouth “I can only give you a little in case you have to be operated on when we get you to the hospital.” Joe reached into a pink cooler from the floor opposite the gurney and pressed the small bottle up against Helena's lips. 

“You're badly dehydrated. Take small sips.” I said. “We'll follow you to the hospital. Where are you taking her, Saint Vincent's?” I said, as Eric walked away to go to the car. Harry talked to the second paramedic about how to get in touch with the station for our statements. “Yes, Saint Vincent's.” Joe closed the ambulance door and we hopped into my car. It was a forty minute drive to the hospital.

“What do you think happened to her?” Harry said, as he lounged on the back seat. “She looked shaken up. I believe her. She was probably attacked.” I said. “Must have been a hell of a pair of shoes,” Harry said. 

“To think that she ran barefoot all the way down the Lake shore to the boathouse, at night. That's got to be six miles.” Eric said. “Sleeping in there was what got me concerned,” Harry said. “Who knows what could have happened to her while she was inside,” I said. We had reached the hospital. My phone buzzed on the dashboard cradle. 

“I've got to take this. I'll meet you inside,” I said. Eric looked at Harry on the backseat and reached for the handle of the rear door. Harry shook himself awake and followed Eric into the hospital entrance.

Caller ID. Nick, my husband, on the phone. “Nick, how are you doing?” I said, the phone now at my ear, and my satchel on my lap. I fidgeted inside the satchel for a piece of my chocolate chip cookie. I was hungry, and the call out last night had disrupted a comfortable bed and a sleeping husband curled up beside me for warmth. 

“I miss you. Are you on a case?” Nick is the FBI Supervisory Special Agent based at Columbus Circle, but is based in an office seven floors about mine. 
“Yes, it's the worst case I've seen for along time.” Nick was sat up in the warmth of our bed with the television for company. 

“How so, baby?” He sounded relaxed, and had clearly slept well. For a change. We talked for a long time, then he asked about the case I was working on. It was our way of bonding.

“We just found someone hiding in the Boathouse over by the Lake at Central Park. Says she was assaulted last night, and they took her running shoes. Her feet are all busted up, and she looks shaken.” Nick listened intently. One thing struck him as strange about the circumstances.

“Honey, why did you get called out? That's not a homicide case.” I snapped off a small corner of the cookie as I spotted Eric coming back out of the hospital towards me. “Nick, I have to call you back, alright?” Nick sounded distracted by the television anyhow. I would call him back. “Sure. Be safe.” He hung up.

“What happened? Where's Harry?” I said. Eric looked like he was going to vomit. “Harry collapsed as we walked up to the Nurse's station to ask about Mrs Webster-Rumholdt. He's critical.”  Eric struggled for breath, doubled over before me.
Harry was in a critical condition? I couldn't take it in. Why didn't Eric come and get me?
I would have to submit the request for the Captain to notify Harry's family, as I am the Senior Detective. “I'll put in a call, then I have to go,” I said. 

“I can take care of things here if you want to head off?” Eric said. “I appreciate that, thank you,” I said. “No problem. Speak soon,” he said, and went back towards the hospital. 
I started the car and snapped my seatbelt on. Harry's bag was still on the backseat. I turned off the engine and grabbed the bag. Ran with it inside the hospital to give it to Eric. 

Copyright  ©Ruby Binns-Cagney 2013

187 Homicide New York is published at Smashwords.com